Item number: I-69

Total earring length: 2.25" (about 57mm)
This luxurious gemstone pair comes gift-wrapped so you can treat someone, or yourself.

. Argentium Sterling Silver (.930) handmade earwires
. Genuine Aquamarine Crystal Rainbow Inclusion Gemstones with facets
. "love" hand-wrapped/written tinned copper links

Aquamarine is the March Birthstone.

"Aquamarine Properties
Release - Deep Cleansing - Joy - Angel Energy

The beautiful gemmy Caribbean colour of Aquamarine, and it’s ability to split white light into the full spectrum of seven bright colours, makes this a very powerful healer. A natural crystal is a translucent sea-blue precise hexagon, which can appear polished.

This is the crystal of Release. Allow the deep waters of your emotions to be gently cleansed by the flow of Aquamarine, which replaces the energies being released with angelic light energy. Aquamarine encourages us to transcend the human drama, and feel a higher sense of purpouse in any given situation.

The blending of Green (Heart Chakra) and Blue (Throat Chakra) means that Aquamarine’s main lesson is that of speaking your truth from your heart, with love. It will clear blockages which may be restricting the natural flow between these two centers. It is often a humbling and emotionally cleansing time that is spent with an Aquamarine. Its diversity does allow it to work on any area of the energy system.

Aquamarine promotes inspired creativity, and innocence. It helps one to choose whether to store difficult memories as negative energy or as learning experiences with positive consequences. Physically it will help to heal throat and heart related malfunctions, and reduce stress. Its rainbow prismatic effect enables Aquamarine to channel rainbow energy into the Aura." (quoted from pixiecrystals.com)

Love Sterling Silver - Aquamarine Rainbow Inclusion Gemstones - March Birthstone

SKU: I-69